EVA Case Manufacturer How To Make?

Customization of your EVA case is made easy at Beyond Case.

Just follow these steps!



Step_1. Send Your Needs

First, Upload your file in the right format if you have one.Second, Just talk with us about your custom needs if you don’t have a design, and our team will help you through this process. But we need you to tell us the size of the product you want to pack, preferably with the CAD file of this product.Third, leave your E-mail, phone number...


Step_2. Discuss The Design

After receiving your file and fully understanding your customization requirements,our engineers will show you the results in 12 hours.


Step_3. Receive Your Custom Quote

After you approve all the details of the design, The quotation we will give you to the factory includes tax and freight (so you’d better give me your receiving address).


Step_4. Make A Sample First

To reach a consensus, we will create a sample with a custom mold for your inspection. Normally the sample will be sent in 5-7 days.


Step_5. Wait For Production

When we received the advance payment, we started production. The process normally takes 1-3 weeks, depending on the quality and complexity of the order.


Step_6. The production Is Complete

After a full inspection, we’ll send the custom cases(+Packaging & Delivery) to your address, and ensure you get your cases right the time you need them.




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Can't Find The EVA Case For Your Application?

If you can imagine it,we can make it.



Impressive looking starts from flly-customized outer shell.

At SHBC Case, we offer various custom options to create the outer shell of your branded EVA case.
With over 10 years of molding process, we are able to make your case into any shape as required. Based on your brand culture, target market and budget, you can have a right solution of materials from us.

A customized outer shell ensures that your valuable product always stands out with a stylish look while being fully protected.



Requirements For Custom Logo

Logo is an important part of the brand, a prefect logo can make customers remember.

A custom logo on your EVA case makes your products uniquely yours and helps to improve your brand awareness.

Depending on your logo design, your brand identity, and your budget, we offer a wide range of ways to put your logo on the case shell, zipper, or label.

From printing to embossing to rubber, you can choose the one that you want.


Handle Options

According to the weight of the packaged products, we provide all kinds of handles we can provide on the market to weigh to meet your different needs.



Zipper & Puller Options

The perfect zipper gives you a very nice sense of experience, and the puller highlights its brand.

The zipper is an important part of the quality of a case.

So, we pay great attention to the choice of zipper!

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Choose Different Kinds Of Foam Insert

Custom-fit foam insert

The customized foam inner support protection product is liked by most customers, and it is shockproof at a certain strength. 

At SHBC Case, we can offer customized foam inserts below: 

1.Die-cut foam insert of sponge foam / EVA foam/EPE foam
2.Laser-cut foam insert of EVA foam/ EPE foam
3.Thermoformed foam insert of EVA foam
4.CNC routed foam insert of EVA foam
More about foam inserts




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