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Customization of your EVA case is made easy at Beyond Case. Just follow these steps!

Step 1. Requirements

Share with us specific customization requirements if you have, or provide us with a physical sample or 3D drawing of your product to proceed with case design.

Step 2. Designing

With your product information, we will offer you suggestions based on our professional product knowledge and experience to get the case design figure out.

Step 3. Quote

Upon on your confirmation of case details, a quote will be provided within 6 hours.

Step 4. Sampling

With payment of sample order, a custom sample will be made and sent over to you for approval, which takes around 7-10 days. 

Step 5. Mass Production

With deposit payment of batch order, mass production will be arranged upon approval of pre-production sample, which takes around 30-35 days

Step 6. Delivery

After a full and strict inspection, cases will be shipped out via the best shipping solution.

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Our Common EVA Case Service Application Market

Here are some common examples that Beyond Case presents to our customers


Medical Case

Durable and high quality EVA case would keep the medical equipment from damage.

Game Case

Gaming products need a durable EVA case to offer strong protection.

Travel Case

Caps, essentials oils, watches .etc. A portable EVA case would be a great fit.

Music Case

The transport protection for music production centers from Beyond Cases not only offers excellent protection, but also a particularly attractive and timeless design!

Electronics Case

Electronics need to stay away from water. EVA case can be made of waterproof materials.

Tool Case

Different tools, different uses. EVA case has different customization options to choose from.

<img src="smell proof bag.jpg" alt="custom eva soft smell proof case for smoke stash bag"/>

Smoke Case

EVA case with activated carbon fiber fabric is necessary for a smell proof case. 

Military Case

Guns, pistols, ammos. A robust EVA case can fit with a full set of military equipment.

Customized High-quality EVA Molding Case

Among all the packaging options, EVA case has unique advantages.

More durable than cardboard box.
Much lighter than aluminum case & wooden box.
More cost-effective than plastic case.

Furthermore, all the case components can be customized with EVA case.
We have over 3000 existing molds available for your choice, to avoid mold costs.

EVA case has now been widely-used in most industries. Medical, military, electronics, gaming, garden tools, etc.

Let’s do some amazing cases!

Choose Materials and Color

We have possession of compression molding workshop, sewing workshop, packagesection and inspection section. What is more, we have professional team who followedclients' orders required, include the designers, technique person, research & developdepartment, customer service department and sales department!

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  • Logo is like an image of a company

A logo is important because it is the foundation of your brand identity and makes a solid first impression.

We have different options for the logo branding. Such as embossed logo, printed logo, rubber logo etc. Trust this would help grab attention and foster brand loyalty.

  • Handle Options

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Portability needs to be taken into account when designing a case. A suitable handle would make the case portable to carry.

  • Zipper & Puller Options  

Zipper is like a key to open the Pandora's box.

We open the case everyday, so it has to be durable and smooth to pull. 


  • Top Lid 

We often make use of the top section space to store small accessories or to provide protection for the items in bottom. 

  • Different Kinds Of Foam Inserts are available

A foam insert is normally required to keep the product in place, and to keep the product from shaking around. It also makes the case look unique, so when you open the case -- “Wow, amazing!”

Who Have We Cooperated With?


To be a reliable & respectable world-class packaging solution provider.

Our mission is to offer products & services that are beyond our customers' expectations.

We are here to assist our customers to ensure they have a strong brand presence to help them achieve business growth through our packaging solutions.

We are committed to continuous improvement in technology, service and our business model, with a view to pursuing sustainable development.

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