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آمريڪا ڇو چونڊيو؟

ڪيس کان هلندي، اسان کي ڊزائن ۽ بهترين جڳائي، توهان جي درخواست هاء-آخر رواج ڪيس پيدا ڪري.

  • مذهبي پابنديون لاڳو certificated ڪوٺي

    مذهبي پابنديون لاڳو certificated ڪوٺي

    جي ڪوٺي انتظام کي بهتر ڪيو ويو آهي ۽ systematized کان اسان ISO9001 جي اصليت گذري: 2014 ع ۾ 2008 ع.

  • Over 15 years' experiences

    Over 15 years' experiences

    With extensive knowledge and expertise of more than 15 years in the field, we use unique technologies, raw materials, in-house production and quality control to create best custom cases.

  • Developing the right case with and for you

    Developing the right case with and for you

    With access to various materials and manufacturing processes, we have the ability to help turn your pie-in-the-sky ideas into innovative and realized solutions.

نئون Arrivals

رواج مختلف ماپن جون ڪيس سامان جي هر قسم جي فٽ ڪرڻ ٺهيل ڪري سگهجي ٿو. هن انتهائي انجنيئري جوڙجڪ اثر، مٽي، سج، ماڪ ۽ ٻين ماحولياتي ڊ خلاف سيڪيورٽي مليو آهي. Interiors پنهنجي ملفوظات جي جملي پکيڙ لاء مختلف ماپن جون ڪري سگهجي ٿو يا پٽي کنيو مري اضافو تحفظ لاء شامل ڪري سگهجي ٿو.

معيار اهڙو ڪيس:
بهر حال، ڪنهن به رکي ٿو:

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Shanghai Beyond Case co., Limited dedicated in developing, manufacturing and selling HIGH-END custom EVA cases since 2003. Not only design and manufacture. but also offer various services that we belleve provide our customers with a higher level of service that is not attained anywhere else.

Our experts have more than 15 years experiences, we start with a basic sketch in order to get an idea of what features should be added and how the case can function. Even if your product hasn’t actually been produced, we can take your CAD files and use those to completely design and build the case.

We manufacturer custom cases for just about any industry you could think of, such as Automotive, Athletics, Banking, Chemical, Computer, Education, Electronics, Gift, Medical, Musical, Tool, Travel etc. Currently, we offer service to customers from 90 countries all over the world.With excellent product quality, reasonable price and good service reputation, the company has obtained authorization of some international famous brands and established long-term cooperative partnership. Our products are mainly sold to overseas, wherein, Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea are the main sales areas.

Owing to he continuous efforts and improvements made by our employees over the years, the company has earned a good reputation in the industry thanks to its rich experience in development, design, production and product solutions.

100٪ مطابق، handmade، انسپيڪشن ڪئي:، پنهنجي پيداوار جو هڪ صورت کان وڌيڪ سمپورن هڪ معياري صورت سان گڏ توهان جي پيداوار لاء اضافي انهيء شامل.

مضمون جي شين

هڪ رواج مختلف ماپن جون ڪيس جي پتيء ۽ هڪ نرم ڪيس جي portability سان هڪ ڏکي معاملي جي تحفظ تڏهن. سيمي پڪو رواج مختلف ماپن جون ڪيس کٽ جوڙجڪ اختيارن کي پيش ڇو ته ٻنهي جي گهرو ۽ ڪاهن کي مسلسل عملي طور ڪنهن به شڪل يا ماپ ڪرڻ contoured ٿي سگهي ٿو.

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